Top 5 Dating Ideas for Music Lovers in the UK

Top 5 Dating Ideas for Music Lovers in the UK

The isle of Great Britain offers a plethora of cites with musical events for you to get you and your soul partner moving as you transition from summer fun to the cool crisp autumn. There are many different places to find different types of genres for romantic, fun, exciting dates. You can find festivals, concerts, and venues all throughout the United Kingdom that will offer you musical fun for your date night.

There are festivals for kid’s music, techno, rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, and more. This article will feature 5 locations, but there 100’s of options out there for you to explore. Take the time to look around and you will be rocking, boogying, dancing, and even enjoying the mellow that all the genres offer to you for a afternoon at the park, night at the club, or weekend of celebration.

1. Bars and Clubs – Manchester

Paul & Jenny

Image by Raver Mikey under creative commons licence.

When going out on a date in Manchester, you have several options for rocking fun. The Briton’s Protection is one of the best pubs in the neighborhood with a homey traditional feel. This is a good place for a casual date for two music lovers. The Mojo is a great setting for rock lovers to unite in the haven and relaxing atmosphere of photography and music. There are many options in Manchester for fun musical dates give these two a try and explore the city.

2. The Thames Clipper – London


One of the hidden secrets of London is the Thames Clipper. The Clipper is a ship that takes you down the river, under the tower bridge, to Greenwich and back through the night lights of the city. There is an endless amount of events and things to do both on and off ship. In Greenwich you and your date can debark and visit the Maritime Museum. The museum offers an opportunity to settle in and listen to Handel’s Water music in a private booth. This musical experience will allow you the privacy and intimacy needed to share the emotional movement of Handel’s music.

3. The Zoo Project Festival – Kettering, Northamptonshire

Give The Zoo Project Festival, starting on Friday August 30th through Sunday September 1, 2013 a chance to celebrate in the magical forest at Broughton House in Kettering, Northamptonshire on your date. This is the hottest electronic dance festival scene featuring many artists that will inspire you to move and dance with your partner and the other music lovers. The entertainers plan to help you to unleash your inner beasts you are reach new heights of imagination and joy with over 65 confirmed acts. Come for the music and stay for the experience. Festivities will start at 11 A.M. and last until the wee hour of 4 A.M.

4. Wilton’s Music Hall – London

When you show up at Wilton’s Music Hall your date may not expect the joy that lies beyond the characterless facades and the store fronts around it but once inside and settled in the music will take you away. Wilton’s is one of the world’s oldest music halls and has been catering to couples since 1858. Book a date here for one of the concerts, plays, or cabarets for your night out on the town. New listings are posted on Monday’s so be sure to check for what you and your date will enjoy. Also spend the few pounds to take the tour of the hall and to sip a spirit in the Mahogany Bar. This hidden gem will delight any music lover.

5. The Stamping Ground Festival of Americana – Suffolk

It is time to get your Americana on at the Stamping Ground Festival of Americana starting on September 7th, 2013. For two days you and your date will celebrate the history and folk scene of America. The music will include bluegrass, country, Cajun, and Appalachian music. Live music is not the enjoy entertainment that will draw you in. You will also enjoy American classic cars, motorcycles, commercials, as well as trading and selling of American products.

You will enjoy the cuisine of the settlers from across the pond, and have the opportunity to explore the history of the Civil War and culture of the 30’s – 50’s. So bring your date out to Stonham Barns in Suffolk and get your good ole Americana on.

These days there is a multitude of meeting people from the classic in the local pub to online and chat lines like chatboxUK so its great to have some fantastic ideas for dates lined up. Music will always be romantic setting and music is the food of love so play on.