The Pink Palace in Greece

The Pink Palace in Greece

Note: The original version of this article mainly focused on Juliana’s experience (see below). The decision has been made to modify it to be a more open source for reviews and discussion of this legendary hostel/hotel.

What is the Pink Palace?

The Pink Palace is a popular “resort-style” youth hostel/hotel. It’s on the island of Corfu, Greece and many people call it a backpackers’ paradise, especially for travelers looking to party hard. The hostel is owned by “Dr. George” who’s a very influential man on the island since it brings in so many tourists (read: money) all summer long. The entire facility is quite isolated from most of the island so you basically remain on-site during your stay.

During the summer, you’ll find hundreds of people here on a given day. It’s also open during the off-peak season but it’s not as busy during that time. Many people come for a few days and end up staying a lot longer. Part of that is due to its legendary reputation as a party destination, but also because it’s isolated so you get the impression that it’s hard to leave! LOL!

Major Partying

This is one of the only hostels in Europe where people stay on-site and party constantly. Expect to see people drunk and puking before the night’s over.  There’s also a lot of dancing and flirting which often leads to a lot more.

Just about everyone who’s backpacking through Europe is looking for at least one hook-up. This is one hostel where you’ll find people ready to mingle, party and more. It’s famous for people getting drunk and hooking up.

The Room

The rooms are nothing special and guests often don’t get the room they booked or expected. You have to climb hills to get everywhere and walking up to your room in the summer’s heat is not pleasant. When I stayed there, I shared a room with one of the employees who came and went all night and into the early morning hours with different girls.

The Food

The food was ok at best and this certainly isn’t the place to take in local cuisine or culture.

The Staff

Don’t expect much from the staff. Most are there to party, just like you. They don’t want to be bothered.

The Beach

The beach is great – if you ever make it there. It’s a drag to walk down to so a lot of people don’t even bother.

Sexual Harassment

In November 2003, a traveler named Juliana stayed there for 4 nights. On her fourth night, she claims to have been sexually harassed by Dr. George. Her story in her words:

“At dinnertime, with thirty fellow travelers and staff as my witness, George made physical and verbal sexual advances on me. I took the comments and touching for about 15 minutes before I turned on George and started yelling at him to get away from me. At that point, he wouldn’t leave me alone for about twenty minutes where he proceeded to make two death threats and threatened to have me kicked out of the Pink Palace. Anyone who has stayed there would know that the Pink Palace is in a remote location on a small Greek island, so as one can imagine, I was scared. George also made sexual advances on at least three other female travelers [and made inappropriate sexual comments]. Whether or not George’s comments or intentions are truthful are negligible. He made me extremely uncomfortable, scared and upset. I had to sleep in my room with two chairs blocking the door out of fear that he was serious about the death threats. George also harasses male travelers by grabbing their genitals. Someone I met while staying there was even groped in exchange for a candy bar. My story is absolute truth. I have thirty witnesses who will support my story. I understand that the Pink Palace is a travel destination for many backpackers, as it was to me. I just wish to make fellow travelers (especially female travelers) aware of the situation there.

I do not think yelling at George and creating the scene at dinner affected him at all, but I do know that it affected my witnesses, many of which left the following day. I feel for all the women who have already had dealings with George and have not come forward out of fear or guilt. Please take what I am saying without humor or doubt. The event at the Pink Palace was very serious and almost ruined my European backpacking journey. I also implore any other travelers who have encountered sexual harassment to come forward about it. Thank you for reading, and continue the safe (and fun!) travels.”

Juliana stated that she had filed a report with the US and Canadian Embassies in Greece. No other confirmation by has been made. For more information, contact her directly at

Is it for you?

There seems to be a division along two lines when it comes to the Pink Palace. On one side, people come to party and are more care-free about the inequities that go on (like not getting the room you wanted, crappy food, etc). While on the other side, people hate it and it’s simply not for them.

Pink Palace Stories

We want the Pink Palace stories that you’re dying to share! Write them in below!

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