Travel Tips & Advice

Travel Tips & Advice

If you plan to go on vacation anytime soon, it is highly recommended that you adapt the following travel tips into your plans. Some of these may sound familiar to you or even seem obvious at face value, but you would be surprised at how many travelers find themselves in situations where they forget this type of advice.

Follow the points below to bring the best out of your vacation and enhance your travel experience. Note that variations on this travel guide have been around for a long time yet remain very useful today.

Don’t Expect The Comforts of Home
While on vacation, people typically expect to be pampered in some way. Whether it’s the flight attendants from the ride over or the hotel staff, people frequently expect to have everything instantly at their disposal. If they don’t, all hell can break loose. Just remember that you left home to see and experience something different so don’t expect to find the comforts of home. This is especially true for Americans who are use to finding just about anything they need and want within a stone’s throw (both literally and figuratively) from home.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously
Each year, thousands of people travel for business and pleasure to Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Costa Rica, The Caribbean and other seemingly exotic locations. Keep in mind that these places tend to have a slower pace of life than the rush mentality you may be use to. Just take life as it comes and don’t expect perfection while on vacation. You won’t get it and you’ll just stress yourself out expecting it.

Don’t Let Other Travelers Get on Your Nerves
It’s easy to lose your cool while on vacation. Delayed airline flights, poor hotel accommodations, bad weather, and other downers can get in the way of your excitement. Whether you are traveling with a touring company, on your own, or on a cruise, if someone makes a comment about you, your friends or relatives, just ignore it. You’ll be much better off.

Never Forget That You Represent Your Country
While traveling in foreign countries, think of yourself as an ambassador. One of the reasons Europeans don’t like American travelers is that Americans tend to be exceptionally loud and obnoxious. These days Americans aren’t overly welcomed in many places and “acting up” is sure to breed more resentment. Yes, you have lots of money to spend but service employees in many places, especially restaurants and hotels would rather not be treated poorly on that basis. Be courteous and you’d be amazed at how people will treat you.

Don’t Judge a Country by One Bad Experience
I have a rule about most things in life. Try it twice. If you are backpacking through Europe and find that some places or people just aren’t as you expected, don’t go around telling everyone how horrible a country is and how it is to be avoided. Travel warnings are fair for serious issues but always remember that where you had a bad experience, others had the time of their lives.

Stop Worrying
While you are away, there is little you can do to, for, or with anyone (aside from the occasional email from an Internet Cafe) so leave your work, school, and friends behind, and enjoy your vacation. There are few things you can leave behind for a week or two, especially during vacation times such as the winter holiday season, that can be detrimental or earth shattering. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

Pack Then Take Out Half
People tend to pack far more than they need while traveling. You can really lower your stress level by limiting the amount of clothes, electronics, shoes, and other items. The more mobile you are, the easier it will be to get around.

Don’t Stand Out
Try to blend in as you visit various countries. It’s actually safer to do so. If you’re visiting Europe, get a cell phone and use it or pretend to use. You’d be surprised how you suddenly won’t look like a tourist to local thieves by having a cell phone. Middle eastern countries aren’t particularly crazy about Americans these days. You may not want to travel there with US flags sewn all over your luggage and peripherals.

Traveling is a Privilege not a Right
As much as I hate to say it, your admission into another country is a privilege not a right. As you travel, consider yourself as a guest. Treat the locals with respect and you’ll get it back.

Bring Emergency Money

Last but certainly not least, traveling is expensive. Your lack of knowledge of any place to which you travel will likely bring you to over-priced restaurants, expensive amusement and entertainment fees, rip-off taxi rides, and loads of other hidden cost products and services that you weren’t expecting. Make sure you bring extra funds and plan to spend it if needed.

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