Want To Be Skinny Forever? Stop Eating. Completely.

Want To Be Skinny Forever? Stop Eating. Completely.

You may have just stumbled across a discovery of a lifetime. The human body can go without food for about 30 days, and without water for about 8 days. But that’s not true. At least not for this wandering monk who claims to have been bestowed this ability by the Hindu goddess Amba, at the age of 11, while starving in a cave in India.

If you went without nourishment, you’d quickly experience liver failure, tachycardia and heart strain resulting in death. Prahlad Jani, an 82 year-old yogi, claims to have gone without eating for the past 70 years. A remarkable feat that, of course, demanded investigation.

In 2010, Prahlad Jani was isolated and placed under observation to verify these claims. Despite having ingested no food or water for 15 days, the sadhu remained alert and in good health.

Of course, such findings rarely go uncontested. There are some who claim that allowing the ascetic to gargle and shower invalidated the experiment. They claim that Prahlad Jani was allowed visitors, and was not under complete surveillance. That being said, Prahlad Jani has agreed to participate in further examinations.

Equally strange, the 82 year-old yogi did not pass any fluids for the entire duration. What’s more, doctors who have examined him claim that he is healthier than most 40 year-olds, and has a brain equivalent to a 25 year-old.

“Clinical, biochemical, radiological, and other relevant examinations were done on Prahlad Jani and all reports were within the safe range throughout the study. He is healthy; his mind is sharp,” said researcher Dr. G. Ilavazhagn according to the Daily Mail. “What is truly astonishing, and something we have no explanation for, is that he has not passed stools or urine. To my knowledge, that is medically unprecedented.”

Researchers are continuing their analyse of the data gathered. The hope is that Prahlad Jani’s supposed biological transformation can be duplicated. Astronauts in space may be the first to profit from the meditative cave dweller, though teenage girls and supermodels can’t be far behind.

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