Wanderlust Tremblant: The Yoga, Hiking, Music, Food, and Nature Festival Returns

Wanderlust Tremblant: The Yoga, Hiking, Music, Food, and Nature Festival Returns

Montrealers are lucky to have their third chance to attend the Wanderlust Festival this August. The festival began as a summer festival in Squaw Valley, California back in July 2009 and has since expanded to six additional cities.

Wanderlust Montreal

Montreal, known as a city of festivals, first welcomed Wanderlust in 2013 as a relatively small event. It has grown to a massive four day affair in a such a short time. I think that’s a testament to how badly people want to spend more time in nature and away from the city, especially during the short summer.

Celebrate Mindfulness

A popular buzzword is a “mindfulness” (or “mindful living”). The idea is that more people are taking the time to slow down, discover what’s around them, be more aware of their current experiences in the here and now, and even experience thoughts (which may be unpleasant) in a calm mental state.

The Wanderlust Festival aims to bring that spirit of being to the masses.

What To Expect

This is just a general preview. There are four days filled with activities to experience.

  • Yoga sessions
  • Yoga instruction
  • Meditation classes with popular instructors (Beginners are welcome)
  • Outdoor activities (such as hiking, running, and biking)
  • Healthy cooking with local and sustainable foods
  • The black light venue where those wearing white will glow!
  • Food cooked by renown chefs
  • Live music with musicians such as Lee Fields & The Expressions, The High and Mighty Brass Band, Kyle Marshall, and others
  • Newer musical artists
  • Music workshops
  • Wine tasting including a wine cruise and TY KU Sake tastings
  • Speakeasy lecture series with engaging speakers such as Dharman Mittra, Hugh Acheson, and others
  • Artists
  • Various other adventures

It’s Almost Sold Out!

If this sounds like a good time, get your tickets soon! While the event is only in its third year, this mega production is almost sold out! You can get your tickets on

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