Essential Sources for Developing Your Resume/CV

Essential Sources for Developing Your Resume/CV

Most people don’t think too much about their resume.  They go into their word processor, select the most common template for resumes and begin inserting required information into the fields.  They assume that a basic spell-checker will catch their mistakes, that the fields that are provided are components that every resume needs, and that this is something they should complete on their own.  Wrong!

You will most likely receive assistance in the position you’re applying for, why wouldn’t you seek assistance in getting the job also? Here are some essential outside sources to consider using when developing your resume.

People in Your Circle

Friends, family members, former teachers/professors, former colleagues and other people who play a significant role in your life are key to helping you in this process.  Ask a few of these individuals to objectively look over your resume.  Have them look for spelling errors, phrases that don’t make sense, formatting issues, inconsistencies, irrelevant information and get an overall impression.  Chances are, you’ve been working on this document for awhile now and need a pair of ‘fresh’ eyes to give you a different perspective.  They may also be able to help you better define your greatest skills and attributes. Using the people you trust will be less intimidating and also give you insight that a stranger may not be able to provide.

Employment Agency

Most states and provinces have government and privately owned employment agencies set up to cater to people just like you.  You can spend time looking through job agencies, working on your resume and speaking one-on-one with their trained staff who will edit, review and help revise your resume.  These services are often free of charge and will give you a better understanding of what employers look for in a resume.  Staff generally offer good constructive criticism and offer advice on what to include in a solid resume.  Also, once you’ve had your resume edited and enhanced, interview tips will likely be offered as well.

The Internet

If you’re like most people, you spend many hours on the Internet searching for games, connecting with friends and shopping, so, why wouldn’t you use it to help develop your resume?  The Internet offers unique and trendy resume templates, suggestions, examples and tips for how to enhance your document. Google Docs, Microsoft Word templates, and resume websites offer modern resume formats for you to use.  

Perhaps you’ve never had to create an executive level resume or perhaps you don’t know how to arrange your information so it highlights certain skills and attributes – that’s where the templates and resources available online may provide you with just the right information.  With examples to follow you may find it easier to develop multiple resumes in addition to your current resume.  

As well, there are online forums, career counselors and advisers available to take a look at your resume.  Looking at other templates may also inspire you to create a more unique resume incorporating creative elements that you may not have thought of on your own.  Try searching for ‘creative resume templates’ and ‘modern resume templates’ and take your pick of great options.

Final Considerations

While it is important to use outside resources to help you develop your resume, it is also important to keep it simple.  Don’t try to over-complicate the process or your finished product.  If you can provide a potential employer with a clean, well-formatted, edited resume, you are well on your way.  Always remember that presentation is key and networking is one of your greatest assets in your job searching.  Try to drop off resumes in person if possible and work more on your interviewing, people, and social skills to ensure that when you do get that interview, you’ll be their number one candidate for the job.

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