Free Comic Book Day 2015 is Finally Here!

Free Comic Book Day 2015 is Finally Here!

Every year, on the first Saturday in May, comic geeks around the world celebrate a growing tradition known as Free Comic Book Day. That’s the one day in the year where comic book stores actually give away free comic books to anyone and everyone that walks into their establishments.

What kind of comics do you get for free?

No, they aren’t handing out free copies of Incredible Hulk 181 or Amazing Fantasy 15. What they are giving away is special issues of popular comics as well as new comics that you’ve never heard of. In the former category, you can expect comics like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Simpsons, while on the latter, there are always some interesting books that are worth a read. If you like them, continue to buy them on a monthly basis.

Secret Wars is making a comeback!

Secret Wars is making a comeback!

The Return of Secret Wars

By far the most anticipated comic book this year is the return of Secret Wars. The first and second series of Marvel Comics from a couple of decades ago remain among the best crossover comic book stories ever written. This year, there’s going to be a

More Free Comics

Some of the most popular comics this year include:

  • Doctor Who
  • Transformers
  • Divergence (from DC)
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Bongo (The Simpsons)
  • SpongeBob
  • Savage Dragon
  • Valiant 25th Anniversary Special
  • Street Fighter

When is Free Comic Book Day 2015?

Go get your freebies on Saturday May 2, 2015. Just head over to your local participating comic book store (I mean, any serious comic shop will be participating, so don’t worry).

I suggest supporting the store by making a purchase. Even something small would be a nice gesture.

Finally, don’t forget to mix and mingle with your fellow comic book collectors, readers, and fans. Have fun!

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