Get in Faster: Clubbing Tips

Get in Faster: Clubbing Tips
Rick Adams

Waiting in any kind of line can be frustrating. Waiting in a nightclub line can cause you to quickly lose that party spirit. There are a few ways to avoid standing in a club line. Generally, it’s harder for guys to get into a club than it is for girls to get in. Why? Clubs want to line their floors with good-looking girls who attract men. This way, more men will be tempted to spend more money, which, in turn is great for any club. Keep in mind that a club is first and foremost a business.

1. Know Someone

This may sound like an obvious tip, but contacting someone who works at a club before you arrive is the best plan. This can be accomplished by calling a club manager during the daytime, and asking to be placed on a guest list. Some manager may not put you on a list without a monetary tip or two, but most of them will accommodate your request.

You may also have to purchase a bottle or a table seat if you want to get on a guest list. To do this, gather a few people together in order to purchase a table for all. Once you arrive at the club, send your contact person a quick text message, and the bouncer should let you right inside.

2. Break it Up

If you can’t get on a guest list, it might be a good idea to break up your group. Keep in mind that large groups of men aren’t likely to get into a club. So, find a girl or two and add her to your group. Split into smaller groups of three or less if you are part of a very large group. It’s always a good idea to have girls who look great included in your group. This brings us to  three: look fantastic.

3. Dress to Impress

You don’t have to look like a Rockefeller in order to get into a club, but you do have to have style. Abide by the club’s dress code (listed on most club websites), make sure to look your best, and try to look stylish. Clubs want people who fit the club mold, so take every effort to look spectacular.

4. Be Nice to the Doorman

Doormen hear it all. Every excuse, line, and threat in the book has been used at least three times on any given club doorman. Don’t try to threaten a doorman, don’t use the “don’t you know who I am?” line, and don’t be mean. No matter who you are, the doorman holds the key to the club you want to get inside of. If you anger a doorman, you aren’t getting inside of a club – it’s that simple.

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