Bar vs Dance Club: How to Choose

Bar vs Dance Club: How to Choose
Rick Adams

Bars and dance clubs are similar in a lot of ways. Choosing between a bar and a dance club is a really a matter of personal preference. If you aren’t sure which venue to visit this evening, take a look at these helpful tips. You will soon find that one venue sounds more appealing than the other.

Your Current Style

Dance clubs typically have strict dress codes. If you want to visit a dance club, you will have to dress to impress. If you don’t feel like dressing up, a bar is a safe bet, since bars do not usually have a dress code.

Your Mood

Bars are casual places full of comfortable booths, wooden bar stools, and good cheer. You won’t find a dance floor at most bars, but you might hear a live band or a popular radio station. Dance clubs are filled with loud music, strobe lights, and plenty of people. You might not find a seat a dance club unless you call in advance to reserve a table.

Your Budget

In most instances, bars are far less expensive than dance clubs. Clubs tend to charge a cover fee, which can put a hole in your budget from the start. Bars hardly even charge a cover fee. In addition, drinking alcoholic beverages at a club will cost more than drinking at a bar.

Your Patience

Level Unless you can get on a guest list, you might have to wait in line in order to get into a club. Aside from special occasions, bars hardly ever have waiting lines.

Your Music

Preferences Club music usually consists of loud techno-type tunes. Modern dance music in addition to older dance classics can be heard at a club. Bar music can consist of anything from classic rock to current hits. You can even find local live bands at some bars.

Your Purpose

If you want to spend the evening chatting with friends, a bar is the place for you. Most clubs are too loud to hear your pals talk. On the other hand, a club is the perfect place to go if you just want to dance all night long.

Your Friends

Are your friends into dancing and “being seen?” If so, a club is probably the best venue for your group. Otherwise, a group of people that prefers to hang out, watch some spots, and talk casually will prefer the atmosphere of a bar.

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