Hannah Gadsby Closes Legendary Show Nanette in Montreal at Just for Laughs

Hannah Gadsby Closes Legendary Show Nanette in Montreal at Just for Laughs

Having saved my experience by abstaining from Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby’s recent international Netflix debut, I can whole-heartedly say that she has created a piece of theatrical greatness with Nanette.

What a roller coaster of a show this was… the good kind!

Like a Ted Talk & Comedy Masterclass

A combination of Ted Talk, comedy masterclass, and intervention all wrapped up in one, the raw and painful truth of comedy has been peeled back to the core by her narrative.

Gadsby takes audiences through an intense journey of truth-seeking with high highs, low lows, full bellied laughter, and even sobs.

The Message

Her message is ultimately about hope, resilience, and creating open dialogue about some of today’s most difficult subjects.

Guidance through this gauntlet has no doubt taken its toll on the comedian and Montrealers were granted the privilege to host her last performance of the show at the Just for Laughs festival.  Luckily, for eveyrone who missed out, Nanette was released this July on Netflix.

Instead of killing her comedy career to save herself, (which was the original purpose of the show), I’m not alone in hoping Hannah Gadsby is only getting started telling her truth on stage and on her own terms.

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