Juicyyy Lab Juice Bar: First Taste

Juicyyy Lab Juice Bar: First Taste

Juicyyy Lab opened up their doors a few days ago and people were finally able to taste this juice we’ve been hearing about. It’s supposed to be healthy, delicious and interesting.

In the photo above, Brian Rotsztein (sporting a Citynet Magazine cap!) and Jen Udahskin, the Clean Eating Goddess, are seen trying out the latest flavours.

Well, wouldn’t you know it. It lives up to the hype. This juice is just plain tasty. The icing on top includes names like “Flava in ya ear” and “All about the benjamins”, syringe and beaker containers, and amiable employees in lab coats.


Delicious juice courtesy of Corey Shapiro’s Juicyyy Lab.

The Juicy Taste

Did I mention the juice is tasty? These ain’t your mama’s kale juice! These recipes were developed by Jen Udashkin who cares about flavour and health.

Give me something and I’ll make a recipe out of it.

“Give me something and I’ll make a recipe out of it.” Jen says and she’s not lying. Beet juice doesn’t often go down this well. These drinks don’t only quench your thirst they are also good for your health so that you an continue drinking juice for hundreds of years to come.


The juice bar crew!

The other icing on the cake is the location. St-Henri has been going through a revival. New condos, fixed up buildings, and new stores. Montreals should be happy to see this area cleaned up. The fact that it now has a juice bar of this caliber by a Montreal entrepreneur is a great big step in a productive direction.

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