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Video Game Model Jodie Dart

Video Game Model Jodie Dart

The April 2009 spotlight is on lingerie babe and hot video game model Jodie Dart! Get the scoop on this yummy mummy who’s the living incarnation of X-blades character Ayumi. Check her out!

Citynet Magazine: Where are you from?
Jodie Dart: I am originally from Plymouth and I am currently still living here!

How did you get into modeling?
Since I was about 15, I was always being asked by local photographers to model for them. I really enjoyed it and about 3 years after having my daughter I decided I wanted to really go for it so I applied to some agencies in London and it went from there.jodiedart-1

What was your first big break?
I suppose it would have to be being chosen to bring to life the main X-box and Playstation character ‘Ayumi’ in X-Blades.

What is it about bikini and lingerie modeling that excites you?
It’s exciting when you see that you have created some really hot and sexy images, sometimes I’m like “wow I cant believe I can look like that!” It’s really exciting seeing yourself in magazines. I think most girls love to see themselves looking good and it seems to be something that a lot of girls would love to do but it is just so competitive. So to actually do it professionally feels like an achievement as it is hard to get into.

Single best experience modeling?
Being chosen to bring to life ‘Ayumi’ in X-blades.

Worst experience?
I don’t think I have any bad experiences, only shooting on the beach in wind and rain!

Give us a fun fact about you.
I am also a mummy!

Favorite drink?
I love most fruity cocktails as they are so easy to drink and your gone before you know it!

Describe your wildest experiences. Are you a big partier?
I am definitely a big partier! Most nights out with me are wild experiences, I just never want the party to end!

Worst pick-up line used on you?
Worst has to be “Is that a ladder in your tights or a stair way to heaven!” That is probably the lowest of the low!!

Describe the most exciting date you’ve ever been on.
Do you know what? I never really get taken out on dates!

What do you do in your downtime?
I just like to relax and spend time with my daughter when I am not modelling or partying!

Do you have a story about how you got away with something? If so, spill it!

I’m a good girl!

What’s the most common question that people ask you?

Are you really a mum? and ‘How did you manage to get your figure back?’

What do you prefer to wear when just hanging out and watching TV?

Nothing sexy I’m afraid! Usually pj bottoms and a vest top!

What do you think is your sexiest body part
Probably my legs, I always get complements on them.

Has anyone ever run up to you in the street and brought you flowers?
No, but once when I was in Mexico I was woken up by loud music playing outside and wondered what was going on. When I looked outside my window I was so confused as there was this Mexican serenade band playing and singing, then this guy was shouting “Jodie I love you!” It was so funny!

Name anyone, alive or dead, you’d want to meet.
Janice Dickenson! I love her she’s great! I just hope I have a bod like hers in years to come!

What do you want the world to know about you?
I’m not a bitch just because I’m a model!!

Give a shout out to your fans…
Hey everyone, I love you and thank you!! Big kiss!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years time, I would still like to be modelling. I would like to see a real progression with it and appear in many more publications and to be well known! I would love to move abroad by then too, I can’t stand the weather here anymore!!

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