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TLC’s Kaleigh Brooke Hill

TLC’s Kaleigh Brooke Hill

Miss June 2009 is model Kaleigh Brooke. You’ll see her in upcoming episodes of King of the Crown on TLC. She’s also  a true beauty queen, having won tons of beauty pageants! CitynetMagazine.com proudly presents this stunning model.

Citynet Magazine: Where are you from?
Kaleigh Brooke Hill: I’m from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I will be relocating to Charleston, SC this fall to attend college. Of course as a model my homes away from home are LA, NY, CLT, Atlanta and Tampa, Florida.
Kaleigh Brook Sexy Lingerie
How did you get into modeling?
Through Pageantry believe it or not, a true “Beauty Queen”, I started competing at the age of seven.

Wha’t the most exciting part about modeling?
I absolutely love the camera. As a performer the most exciting thing about modeling is every time you shoot you play a different character… putting yourself in different places and scenarios. I love the challenge of living up to whatever character or scene the shoot calls for.

What was your first big break?
I was attending the Miss Teen USA pageant at 16 years old in Pasadena, California, when a talent scout approached me about becoming a print model in LA. They set up my first “big” shoot with LA fashion photographer Peter Baratti and my career has been exploding ever since.

What type of photo shoot would you love to do?
I would love to shoot a Marilyn Monroe Pin Up themed shoot. I have been told I could be made up to look like her. I think that would be exciting and an honor.

Any “secret” talents?
I can tie a cherry stem into knots with my tongue and I’m somewhat of a comedian.  Most people wouldn’t think so, but it’s true.kaleigh-brook-4

What do you think is your sexiest body part?
My lips are definitely my sexiest body part. Photographers, agents, men always comment on them.

Downtime activities?
I love flying kites and taking long walks on the beach with my chocolate lab, Cocoa. When at home I love to curl up in my bed and watch Lifetime movies or lay out by
the pool. [Editor’s Note: Can we come hang out with you?!]

Give us a fun fact about you.
I’m a licensed practicing Cosmetologist and I love it! Making others look and feel amazing makes me happy.

Worst pick-up line used on you?

I was modeling for a fitness center in Myrtle Beach and they put some of the advertisements in the rest rooms of a famous local restaurant. I was there one night having dinner with some girlfriends when a guy came over to my table and asked if it was me in the bathroom…I answered yes and he said to me “You are smoking hot…best trip to pee I every had!”  I believe I saw him on Tool Academy recently…JK

Best pick-up line?
…If being with you is a felony…then I’ll be the happiest guy in jail, this one made me laugh…I like a guy who makes me laugh.

What’s the most common question that people ask you?
Are my eye lashes real? I get that question all the time…and the answer is yes!

Name someone you’d love to meet.
Jessica Simpson. I identify with her. She and I share similar pasts… similar present and I hope similar futures!

What do you want the world to know about you?
I am a determined young woman who has her life goals written out and God as her co-pilot 😉 I know exactly what I want out of life, what I want to become and I know I have the potential to make it happen. All it takes for anyone to succeed is DESIRE!

Favorite upcoming projects?

I just finished filming a “Reality Show” pilot to air later this summer or early fall…  super excited about it!

You can check me out in Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, Cover Model of the Year 2009, Arizona Weekly Entertainment Magazine, GS Magazine, Spike TV,  America’s Perfect Miss 2009, Miss SC USA 2010 and as always look for me in Tasteless Candy Clothing, Inc. and Showoff Ind. Apparel advertisements.

This fall, I will be attending Charleston Southern University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I can see myself living in Los Angeles, California earning a living as an entertainment correspondent / model or an entrepreneur.

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