5 Personal Tips for Better Job Interviews

5 Personal Tips for Better Job Interviews

Once you have gained a job interview, the trick is to turn that interview into a hiring session. This can be accomplished by following some basic interview tips. Believe it or not, most people forego the most obvious tips, which can result in losing that perfect job. Before you head out to your next interview, make sure that you have the following five tips in mind.

(1) Get Ready

Preparation is important when a great job is at stake. Find out who will be interviewing you, what your job will entail, and ask yourself some questions that a potential employer might ask you. Also, it never hurts to find out specific details about a company, and showcase these details (subtly) during an interview.

(2) Dress to Impress (But Not Kill)

By knowing exactly what job you are apply for, you can dress appropriate for an interview. It is possible to overdress and under dress, so make sure that your outfit fits the part. For example, if you are applying for the position of a counselor at a youth home, do not wear a three-piece suit.

(3) Tone Down Your Personal Fragrance

You might have the most expensive perfume in the world, but the person interviewing you might have allergies. Put about half as much perfume or cologne on as you normally would in order to avoid assaulting your interviewer’s nose.

(4) Wear a Watch

Nothing is more annoying than a prospective employee who doesn’t show up on time. Being a couple of minutes early (not more than 10!) is a good thing, but being more than ten minutes late is always a bad idea. If you are one of those people who is never on time, make sure to wear a watch to your interview!  Make sure you aren’t late. If you’re late to the ever-important job interview, they may suspect you will be late all the time. You may want to visit the actual building the day before to see where it is, how far it is from your home, and evaluate travel time.

(5) Don’t Shy Away

During the interview, don’t let your nerves get the best of you. If you don’t hear a question, ask for that question to be repeated. If you forgot an answer to a question, simply be honest. No matter how nervous the thought of an interview makes you, remember that the person interviewing you is human too! Try to laugh, smile, and be friendly during your interview.

There’s no denying the fact that interviews can be stressful. Just keep in mind that the person interviewing you may be stressed too. Chances are that the person who is conducting an interview has to sit through various rounds of questions and answers. The more likeable and approachable you seem, the more apt you are to land that perfect position.

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