The Breaking Bad Drinking Game

The Breaking Bad Drinking Game

It’s about time a a Breaking Bad drinking game was created! After all, this show is addictive. Ok, cliches aside, whether you use your PVR/DVR, Netflix or any other source of instant TV gratification, this is the game for all (legal drinking-age) Breaking Bad fans.

How to Play

Simply prepare a bottle of your favorite drink, get some shot glasses out and every time any of the following happens, drink!

  • Every time Jesse says “Mr. White”
  • When there’s a close-up shot of Gus, wearing his glasses, staring
  • When someone other than Walt mentions “Heisenberg” (Bonus! Drink twice!)
  • When Hank gives his DEA partner a hard time
  • When Walt says “Jesse!” in an angry tone
  • Whenever Walt feels like a megalomaniac (laughing like a mad man, etc)
  • One of Jesse’s addict friends (Beaver, The Ho, etc) gets high
  • Every time Walter White Jr. is seen having breakfast
  • Every time someone calls Saul to resolve a problem
  • Every time Walt leaves a voicemail for Jesse
  • Every time someone says “let’s cook” (or variations)
  • Every time someone talks about cooking/selling meth in “code” but doesn’t actually say it directly
  • Whenever Saul says he knows someone who can help and provides a phone number

Don’t overdo it. Have fun!

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