3 Awesome Google Chrome Apps

3 Awesome Google Chrome Apps

Seven months after opening its doors, Chrome’s Web Store is going strong. With over 2000 apps, many seeing fantastic growth as a result of this new forum, millions of Chrome users are finding more and more satisfaction in their browsing experience. See below three Google Chrome apps that are worth your time.

Angry Birds

Rovio’s most popular gaming sensation is now available in your Chrome browser for free. Launch your feathery friends at their ruthless green nemeses. If you haven’t had the chance to play this addictive game, clear your schedule. Angry Birds is finally available for the rest of us non-smartphone, non-tablet folk. Can you believe there are people who don’t know about Angry Birds? Hopefully, this will correct all that. Let battle commence!


Manymoon allows you to collaborate with others on projects or events. Their Chrome app lets you jump right in with a click of the mouse. Browse pre-made templates and see what task others set to get similar things done. Task your friends to get things rolling and keep up-to-date with each individuals progress. Manymoon is a free app available in the Chrome’s Web Store. It works in conjunction with their Manymoon’s official site. You can sign up there, or in app,  at no cost.


Meet Google Chrome’s OS, a cloud-based operating system now freely available in the Chrome Web Store. Galaxy is “the closest experience an add-on can provide of the real Google Chrome OS.” Challenge yourself and see what life is like in the cloud. Galaxy is a hub for all your regularly visited sites and web apps. Clicking on an icon opens the selected item in a new tab. Find out what it would be like to operate solely online. Explore Galaxy and see if you can make the leap all mankind will eventually have to make.

Join millions of web surfers as they discover new and useful apps in Google Chrome’s Web Store. Feel free to post your favorite apps in the comments below.

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