How to Have a Jersey Shore Summer

How to Have a Jersey Shore Summer

The TV show Jersey Shore has been keeping audiences entertained for three seasons, including 2 summers in NJ. While they’re currently filming in Italy, we all know that there’s nothing like real New Jersey coast towns.

Still, the show has plenty of fights, hilarious moments, lots of hook-ups, and bizarre happenings to keep things moving. Sitting back and watching Jersey Shore is a lot of fun, but creating your own Jersey Shore summer is even better. Your group doesn’t just have to be party people coming from New Jersey or New York to create an experience you won’t get elsewhere. You can make it happen closer to home.

Strolling around all summer long like a Jersey Shore cast member begins by getting together with some of your closest pals. Whether you’re into Jwoww, Snooki, Pauly D, Situation, Vinny, or any of the others, you’re sure to find similar characters in your own partying experiences!

Gather the Gang

If you’ve never spent a summer in a house full of your best friends, there’s no time like the present. Start planning your Jersey Shore summer now by looking for a great rental home near the shore. If you don’t live near a shore or in Jersey, look for a rental home that is located smack in the middle of all the summer action.

Invite at Least One “Dynamic” Person

Make sure that your summer home will be full of dynamic individuals who complement one another. At the very least, you want one person who always seems to be that exciting, extreme party, go-go-go type. It also never hurts to throw someone you don’t know that well into the mix. By the time the summer gets going, you’ll either be buddies or hate each other but there’s no knowing until you try! Consider placing an ad looking for some summer housemates who you don’t know at all – if you’re feeling adventurous, that is.

Find the Right Spot

As mentioned, you can pick a house near the shore, but there are other places that are certain to be filled with summertime fun. Check out these possible spots:

  • Lakeside: Just like the shore – without salty water.
  • Mountainside: If you live in a ski town, all the action will happen mountainside (and you can probably get a discount rental rate too).
  • Downtown: For those stuck in a city, look for a hot spot downtown.
  • Out of Town: Why not take your summer adventure away from your current area? Check out New Jersey, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, or coastal New Hampshire.
  • The Authetic Jersey Shore: There are lots of seaside towns that have been full of Jersey Shore-type antics long before the show was filmed. For decades, people from many hours away have rented houses and worked at t-shirt shops while partying all night long in many of the towns like Wildwood, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Cape May, and others.

Once you’ve found a great location, book your rental home right away. If you can, book a house during the off-season. Make sure the house you choose has a great view, a hot tub, and a large kitchen. You want to be within a few blocks of the boardwalk of any city you choose.

Get a Job

Working on the boardwalk is a great way to meet people. If you work in one of the many t-shirt shops or gaming booths, you’ll meet lots of people to hook-up with and/or meet-up with to go partying. Keep in mind that most of these people are here to party and have crazy adventures just like you!

Get on the Guest List

Every town has its share of happening parties and events. Before you even set foot in a town, make sure that your crew is on the guest list. It’s also a good idea to find out where the best clubs are located, and make sure that the bouncers know your name. Of course, you’ll also have to make sure that everyone in your group is dressed to kill (including a killer tan) every time you go out.

In smaller party towns, your choices will be limited so keep in mind that your likely to see the same people at the same few clubs all summer long. Try buying from the same bartenders and making friends with the same bouncers so that when you come back all summer long, you look like “the Man” so to speak.

Guys vs Girls

A true Jersey Shore experience would mean that you’ve got a mix of men and women in your house. In reality, you may not want to mix it up too much. That’s your call.

It’s Not Hard

Creating your own Jersey Shore summer isn’t that hard to do. While you might not have camera crews following you around, you can create an unforgettable summer by following the above steps. Why just watch Jersey Shore when you can live it?

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