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The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game

The Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows to grace TVs in the last decade. It’s a few seasons in and for those of you who love it, here’s a way to take this laugh-out-loud show to the next level.

How to Play

Download The Big Bang Theory, watch it on Netflix or get the DVD, then drink every time any of these happen.

  • Wolowitz yells at his mom
  • A woman speaks to Raj and he whispers to someone
  • All of 4 guys sit around the apartment eating take-out (Bonus: Take an extra drink if Penny is there)
  • Penny doesn’t understand a tech/geek comment by Sheldon
  • Penny makes a sci-fi reference (that actually makes sense)
  • Sheldon tries to understand sarcasm
  • A celebrity (Wil Wheaton, Summer Glau, LeVar Burton, Katee Sackhoff, Charlie Sheen, etc) enters the show
  • Leonard & Sheldon discuss their roommate agreement
  • Sheldon says “Bazinga!”
  • Wolowitz hits on Penny or any other woman
  • Leonard is lying in bed with a girl (Bonus: Drink twice!)
  • Sheldon knocks and says “Penny” (drink on the third knock)
  • One of the guys’ siblings appear on the show
  • All 4 guys try to figure out something that is obvious to the rest of us but can’t get it
  • Sheldon complains about not being able to sit in his spot on the couch
  • Anyone goes to the comic book store
  • Sheldon has a nervous facial tick
  • Barry Kripke makes fun of Sheldon/gives him attitude
  • Penny mentions The Cheesecake Factory

Feel free to add your own Big Bang Theory drinking points below.

Of course, if you love this show, you’d probably be into the Smallville Drinking Game and the Lost Drinking Game!

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    Very cool mag, if u need event photos from NZ let us know =)



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