New Tyrrells Vegetable Chips are a Tasty British Rainbow in the Snack World

New Tyrrells Vegetable Chips are a Tasty British Rainbow in the Snack World

Chip lovers can happily unite with veggie lovers over Tyrrells new line of exquisite and top quality vegetable chips. Called ‘crisps’ by some, the new vegetable chips are made from ingredients like sweet potatoes, ‘golden’ carrots, beetroots and turnips. With flavours like ‘beetroot, parsnip & potato with sea salt’ and ‘sweet potato and smoked chili’ (pictured above), these vibrant bites almost turn potato chips into yesterday’s lover.

OK, that is a big stretch from the truth. With other classical-based Tyrrells flavors like ‘mature cheddar and chives’ and ‘sea salt and cracked black pepper’, I don’t think potato chips will be — or can be — out the door any time soon. Nor should they be.


British sayings for British chips! These chips add a vibrant twist to platters and snacking.

Whether parsnip or potato-based, these chips pair incredibly well with a pint of beer (I paired them with a brown ale). I could also see them making a great snack for any occasion. Apart from new flavours, the different colours from the vegetables – especially the dark beet roots and orangey sweet potatoes ­— certainly add more life to the snack bowl.

Leave it to the British

As I bit into a crispy, lightly-salted parsnip chip, I tried to recall when I last had eaten anything made from parsnip. I couldn’t remember. It then dawned on me that this UK-based company is truly onto something. They’ve taken a root that no one hardly eats anymore and transformed it into an enjoyable, flavourful snack. The slightly-nutty, earthy parsnip chip was truly a delight.


Enjoying the chips at Rasa Restaurant in Toronto.

Tyrrells uses sunflower oil for baking the chips and all natural ingredients. The company uses ingredients sourced from a 40-mile radius of its farm and processing facility in Herefordshire, England. They also leave the skins on — claiming that that’s where the flavour is.


The new vegetable chips pair very well with beer – especially those of the amber kind.

I can certainly attest to the flavourfulness of Tyrells chips! The new editions to their product line are a pleasant twist from regular chips that are bound to brighten up the snack world in more ways than one.

You Can Get Them in Canada!

Tyrrells chips are available across Canada in numerous stores such as Metro, Whole Foods, selling for three dollars a bag and up.

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