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Nightclub Directory

Nightclub Directory

Where do you want to party tonight?

This page should make it a bit easier for you to find important sources of clubbing and partying info around the world. Most of the links below club directories, like local online newspapers or specific websites with listings. Over the years, we’ve gone clubbing in countless cities and have come to realize that clubs open and close constantly. There is also not much money in maintaining a clubbing directory which is why so many local nightlife listing websites fail and shut down. Keeping up with a busy city’s clubscene takes a lot of work! People who do maintain local sites often do it out of the love for the scene, and sometimes a bit of ego. Once they grow out of the scene, the site dies. These days, the sites that survive are the ones that can help bring on a sense of community such as those with message boards. That said, it seemed best to just create a list of directories to local clubs rather than linking to the clubs themselves. When this clubber’s guide first started in 1997, Google wasn’t even around! These days you can use search engines to find a lot of what you need. Still, this is a great starting place.


Canada | US | Europe | Australia

The Rave Scene | The Goth Scene | The Karaoke Scene | The Gay Scene

Clubs ‘n’ Drugs | Club Resources | Clubber’s Poll


The Canadian Club Scene

If you want to go clubbing in Canada, you’ll find an array of great places to party with inexpensive venues. The biggest parties are typically found in Montreal and Toronto. Although cities like Calgary which are growing at an incredible rate are becoming small time party hubs. If you’re looking to party like a European, Montreal is the place to be. For one thing, the women are gorgeous and take care of themselves.

In Canada, you can drink legally while still a teen, with the drinking age ranging from 18 to 19 years. In Montreal (Quebec) you can legally drink at a club at 18 years of age while you have to be 19 in Toronto (Ontario).

Montreal nighlife offers a wide range of partying from very classy dance clubs to trashy bars. It is highly recommended that you visit there during the summer months to get the full incredible experience.

A lot of nightlife guides in some of Canada’s largest and/or most popular cities have come and gone. Since the best directories have closed, they’ve been deleted from the section below. This includes cities such as Edmonton, Quebec City, Whistler, Windsor, and others.

Montreal Karaoke Bars
Montreal Irish Pubs
Montreal After Hours
Montreal Nightlife
Alternative MTL ToutMontreal.com/English
Toronto Irish Pubs
Club CultureVancouver
Vancouver Clubs
Found LocallyOttawa – Hull
Found LocallyVictoria
SaleScene VictoriaWinnipeg
Found Locally


The American Club Scene

The American clubscene is as diverse as its people and partying means different things to people depending on the city. Major party cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami offer high end night clubs including the most impressive decor, hottest people, and great atmospheres. These clubs also come with a hefty price tag.

The drinking age across most of the US is 21 years. Increasingly more clubs are letting non-drinking 19-20 year old women in (not guys because they create too many problems). There is an ignorant, repressive-type of attitude present in America (as if people under 21 don’t drink – ask any college student what they do for entertainment). Police frequent clubs to ensure safety, which is simultaneously sad and scary. Be sure to read the Citynet Magazine article on How to Behave in Nightclubs. Note that many city directories have closed such as those in Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, and others, so they were de-listed.

Dance ClubsBoston
Boston Bartending Schools

Centerstage’s listings

Dallas – Ft. Worth

South Beach NightsCoolJunkieMyrtle Beach
Celebrations Nightlife
Myrtle Beach VIP CardsPhiladelphia
Go Phila NightlifeNew York
Bar Opinions
Las Vegas
Vegas Clubs
LV NightclubsLos AngelesLos Angeles Nightlife San FranciscoSF Station

The European Club Scene

The Euro-clubscene offers the widest array of places to party. With dozens of countries to choose from, you can get the party flavor of each one… and they are all different. London has its pubs all over the place, Greece’s islands offer unique clubbing experiences on each one, and you can’t forget the incredible Spanish island of Ibiza.

Don’t forget! In a lot of European countries “nightclub” means strip club! You frequently have to look for “danceclubs” or “discos.” On the other hand, our research tells us that many people visiting this very clubber’s guide are looking for escorts and strip clubs around the world but that’s not at all what this site is about.

The best nightlife guides to Hungary, Iceland, Brussels/Beligium, Dublin/Ireland, Austria, Greece, Finland, Copenhagen/Denmark and a bunch of other European cities are long gone. Here’s  what’s left. Note that the “all of Europe” category is probably your best bet.

UK Clubs
Manchester Clubs

Paris Break


Party (in German)
The Netherlands


SpainIbiza is the world’s party capital!

Ibiza, a small island in Spain, is an incredible place to party. If you ever get the opportunity to go, just do it!
Ibiza Spain Review has info on clubs and getting around.
Ibiza: Ibiza-Magazine/discos

The Australian Club Scene

There aren’t too many sites to go by but party on! Unfortunately, the best listings for Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra are long gone. Check out Melbourne Pubs and clubs in Western Aussie.


The Rave Scene

Raves are still getting people dancing and moving around the world, even if many people are tiring of the scene. In many cases, ravers are retiring but new ones jump into the scene.

urban75.com (Drugs, the law, & clubs/raves)
Dancesafe (Promotes healthy raving & clubbing)
Rave Clothes & Raving Clothes Stores
Montreal After Hours
Raves in Victoria
Female DJ Shortee
Miss Behavin’


The Karaoke Club Scene

Karaoke club directories for local cities and regions have all dried up. Here are a few. If you want one for your location, contact us and we may be able to create a listings page for you.

Philadelphia Karaoke Bars  |  Montreal Karaoke Bars  |  Karaoke Etiquette (guide/article)


The Goth Scene

The goth scene directories are disappearing. Perhaps the entire culture us on the outs. Nonetheless, here are a few sources.

Vamp.org  |  Goth Clubs in Europe  |  Goth Model RedVamp   |  What Goth Means to Me (an article)


The Gay & Lesbian Club Scene

Many cities have gay villages and a lot of those have the best party scenes!

bqueer(Many cities/states)
Gayscape(Many cities/states)
Same-Sex Marriage Article


Nightclub Articles & Features

If you’re into clubbing, you may want to check out these articles:

Does the Anti-hangover Pill Work?
How to Throw a Great Party
How to Behave in Karaoke Bars


The Clubber’s Poll: What’s your Scene(s)?

70s & 80s Dance Clubs Regular Dance Clubs Techno/Rave Goth/Punk/Darkwave Gay/Lesbian/Alternative Lifestyles The Bar Scene Live Music Karaoke


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